Onur Aydin


The following selected articles of the artist will be reachable in two languages (English and Turkish) as soon as possible. Thanks for your concern.

Onur Aydin, Iconic Imagery in Postmodern Art, 2018

Onur Aydin, Propoganda Aimed Manipulation in Hollywood Cinema, 2017

Onur Aydin, Urban Theme After 1980 in Turkish Art, 2016

Onur Aydin, Topographic Landscape Paintings in Primitive Turkish Art, 2016

Onur Aydin, 16th Century Ottoman Art, 2015

Onur Aydin, The Neo-Cons, 2014

Onur Aydin, Sexuality in Visual Perception, 2014

Onur Aydin, The Artistic Perspective of Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, 2013

Onur Aydin, The Basic Differences of Art and Design, 2012

Onur Aydin, Corporate Identity Proposal to The Bosphorus Zoo in Istanbul, 2010

Onur Aydin, Pera Photographers in Constantinople: Abdullah Frères, 2010

Onur Aydin, The Main Principles of Bauhaus School, 2009

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